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Tired of waiting in endless lines, waiting for your chance to charge? Unsure of how long you’ll be waiting? Whether the station will even work when you get to the front of the line? ChargeWonder can help!

For Drivers

Join a virtual queue

Don’t waste your time

Avoid crowded stations

Know your wait time

Get notified

Receive deals

Virtual Queueing for DC Fast EV Charging Stations

ChargeWonder’s virtual queueing technology eliminates the 2+ hour waits that are increasingly common at North America’s urban DC fast charging stations.


Experiencing EV charging station installers’ remorse? Seeing long lines of cars waiting to charge that block your parking spaces or drive throughs? You’re not alone!

For Property owners

With ChargeWonder, you can:

Get your lot back

Avoid blocked drive throughs

Solicit new business

Entice consumers to leave their cars and come into your establishment to shop

Address the #1 cause of EV driver frustration and range anxiety.

Make consumers fall back in love with public EV charging!

Differentiate your brand and increase customer satisfaction with our virtual queueing solution.

For Charge Point operators