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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to get current EV drivers and prospective EV drivers to fall back in love with public EV charging and eliminate concerns about charging infrastructure or “range anxiety.” When we’re successful, we will get the automotive energy transition back on track, and get adoption of EVs on pace to reach the originally proposed rate of 50% of new car sales being electric in the US by 2030 (we’re currently on pace to reach 23% being electric by 2030).

About Us

ChargeWonder is a virtual queueing solution that will free EV drivers from having to wait 2+ hours just to plug in at DC fast charging stations – a situation that has become commonplace in cities and suburbs across North America.


Our solution

Unclogs parking lots and drive throughs

Maximizes station throughput

Reduces driver time spent waiting in line, on-site

Improves driver satisfaction with public charging

Eliminates “range anxiety”

Generates unparalleled (monetizable) plug-specific data

Our Team

Matt Pereira

CEO, Fundraising, Data Science, Marketing

20 years experience working as an “intrepreneur” at Fortune-50 companies, focused on new business venture areas. Primary career experiences in marketing, brand building (ex-P&G), data science, consumer insights (ex-Google).

Adam Smude

Sales, Partnerships, Bus Dev

20 years of experience in sales, CRM, consumer and customer experience optimization (ex-Rivian, ex-Disney, ex-Fox)

Ross Popoff-Walker

UX, Design, Product

- 20 years experience innovating in design and UX, 2x founder (ex-Google, ex-Waymo, ex-Sapient, ex-R/GA, InVision, Netflix)

Need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about company or service

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